Lights, Camera, F-stop: The Basics Of Portrait Photography

4If you think that portrait photography is just a shot from head to bust, then you might want to take a moment to read this. But portraits are not simply year book photos. Unlike other forms of miami photography, portraiture has a narrow focus that brings out the individuality of the person in the shot. So let’s pull out the big lens and take a closer look at the world of portrait photography.

Let’s start with character shots, a old favorite and my top choice for the style. The subject needs to weigh in heavily on character shots because they focus on the person’s expression the most. This does pose a challenge for the photographer because the shot’s “character” could be anything, even imaginary, and capturing that can be tricky. This gets really fun when you have someone that wants to try on everything in the costume trunk. (If you want to test it out, a niece of about 5 years old will typically be up for the challenge.)

Once the costume or outfit is chosen and everything looks just right, you’ll need to put thought into the posing and angles of the shoot. Get the right poses, and helping the model hit them, can make a huge difference between great portrait photography and mediocre photography. A good resource, for the photography and subject, are texts on posing. You’d be surprised what you’ll learn. As always, the next thing to think about is lighting. Choose wisely though, you’ll need to carefully balance your back light and flash so as not to under expose or wash out your subject. Always, you’ll get the best results by taking a few test shots and making adjustments. Remember, it’s about the “character.”

To give your portrait shots a nice finishing, professional touch, considering the scenery. If your lucky to be in a place that’s really nice (like Miami, Florida), it can be pretty easy to find a nice place. Portraits can be done in many different scenes: nature, the workplace, in the city, and more. An option that can often be overlooked is the model’s workplace. Just be sure to consider the style and personality of the character that you’ll be shooting. Learn more portrait photography ideas.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to portraits than meets the eye. You’ll want to consider poses, costumes, scenes and lighting; all to to highlight that all important thing: the character. When you bring out the subject’s character and personal flair, you’ll quickly see how great a portrait can be. And obviously, a nice smile never hurt. Happy shooting!

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