Take Better Portraits

3While it may seem a cliche, doing something unexpected can really spice up your portraiture. Most portrait photography is very formal: formal settings, formal framing, even formal expressions. When you try even one new element, it can bring back visual interest and make your portrait work better encapsulate the true personality behind the face. Follow the link to get some great photography tips.

Experiment with different settings. Studios allow you to control more of the environment, but this can lead to a lot of portraits that all look pretty much the same. Simply moving to a location can infuse your portraits with some much needed visual interest, as well as giving you a way to show more about your subject’s interests.

Moving out of doors can give you a wealth of new options. You can get some lovely shots using natural formations such as rivers or rocks as backgrounds. You might also like the way a certain street looks as a background.

Taking photos at other indoor locations is another approach. The subject’s favorite restaurant, an upscale hotel lobby, or the local library can all offer interesting backgrounds and settings for portraiture. Another option is to take pictures of the person at home.

Framing is another area where you can experiment. If conveying attitude more than detail is important, you might try a shot of your subject from afar. Extreme close-ups are another option. A shot of a single feature, for example, is a different approach. Carefully placed objects are another way to create interesting framing. Use a window or doorway as a frame or create one with the strategically placed objects.

You might also encourage your subjects to try different facial expressions. Your subject might be better suited to a contemplative look, for example. For quirky, fun pictures, consider funny faces or unusual expressions, such as surprise or confusion. Pictures of real happiness, such as uncontrolled laughter or spontaneous delight, are also striking.

Another way to capture the spirit of your subjects is to photograph them doing something they love. Athletes engaging in their sport or builders working on projects are more interesting than people staring at the camera. When you do this, you not only make it clear what the subject enjoys, you’ve also given yourself many more options when it comes to framing and adding visual interest. You can also play with focus and depth of field in shots like these. Find out more details about a commercial photographer.

When you take photos on location, it can be more difficult to get quality shots. Be careful when shooting these types of portraits to pay particular attention to exposure and focus. There are many ways to incorporate soft focus or over or under exposed shots, but it’s better if you’ve gotten those shots mindfully and not accidentally.

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